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New Question
With Cisco ONE, what happens when a customer refreshes hardware?

A. The customer can refresh or go to the next tier of hardware and port or upgrade software at no adinal charge.
B. The customer can refresh hardware in the same tier and port software at no charge but must purchase new licenses for the next tier of hardware.
C. The customer must purchase entirely new software licenses.
D. The customer can refresh hardware in the same tier and port software at no charge, or go to the next tier of hardware and just pay the difference for their software.

Answer: D
Software purchase with licence portability across hardware refresh cycles provides investment protection (SWSS required). Customers only pay the difference when they upgrade to a higher class of hardware.

New Question
Which of the following are included in Cisco’s portfolio of converged infrastructure solutions?

A. VersaStack, VxBlock, FlexStack, and FlexPodo
B. HyperFlex, Talos, VxBlock, and VersaStackO
C. HyperFlex, FlexPod, FlexStack, and VxBlock
D. FlashStack, VersaStack, HyperFlex, and VxBlock

Answer: D

New Question
What approach does Cisco take to provide pervasive and comprehensive security for our customers?

A. Cisco ONE Security Model
B. Threat-Centric Security Model
C. Insight-Led Security Analytics
D. Digital Forensic Model

Answer: B

New Question
Which is a unique capability of Meraki MX?

A. Java-API console management
B. single pane of glass management for full stack branch infrastructure
C. APl-based management
D. carrier grade security for data centers

Answer: B

New Question
What tool helps the Cisco Business Architect to gain and leverage their knowledge of the customer’s business?

A. Business Model Canvas
B. Collaborative Business Modelo
C. Solution Architecture Design Mapo
D. Customer Requirement Map

Answer: B

New Question
What three key engines power Cisco DNA Center?

A. Identity Service Engine, Network Control Platform, and Network Data Platform
B. Identity Service Engine, Network Automation Platform, Encrypted Traffic Analytics
C. Identity Encryption Engine, Network Automation Platform, Network Data Platform
D. Network Control Platform, Network Automation Platform, Network Encryption Platform

Answer: A
Cisco DNA Center is a complete management and control platform for your network designed, created, and implemented by Cisco.
Cisco DNA Center is the foundational controller and analytics platform at the heart of Cisco’s Intent based Network. Cisco DNA Center simplifies network management and allows one to quickly set up various ISE services such as Guest and BYOD quickly and easily throughout the network, Cisco DNA Center also makes it easy to design, provision, and apply policy in minutes, not days across the network. Analytics and assurance use network insights to optimize network performance.

New Question
Which term describes the capability to correlate security information and apply itelligence in order to understand context?

A. Breadth
B. Integration
C. Sophistication
D. Depth

Answer: B

New Question
Which feature of WebEx Teams allows customers to collaborate on sketches?

A. Integrations
B. Whiteboarding
C. Bots
D. Messaging

Answer: B

New Question
How long is the average time to detection” of a security threat for Cisco’s customers?

A. 17 hours
B. 100 days
C. 28 days
D. 3 days

Answer: A

New Question
During which phases of protection would Cisco’s Next Generation Firewalls be deployed?

A. After an attack
B. During an attack
C. During and after an attack
D. Before an attack

Answer: C

New Question
Which is the management component in Cisco’s intent based networking solution?

A. CloudCenter
B. DNA Center
C. UCS Central
D. UCS Director

Answer: B

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