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How many total IP addresses are represented by the netmask?

A.    128
B.    256
C.    512
D.    1024

Answer: B

A technician is trying to install an ExpressCard device for a user. The user’s laptop is confirmed to have one spare slot for ExpressCard devices, however, the card is simply too large to fit into the labeled port. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

A.    The slot is for ExpressCard/34 devices.
B.    The slot is for ExpressCard/54 devices.
C.    The slot is for PCMCIA Type I devices.
D.    The slot is for PCMCIA Type II devices.

Answer: A

A technician just finished replacing a laptop screen, and upon first boot notices that the screen provides a very faint but darkened image which cannot be adjusted. Which of the following was MOST likely left unplugged after replacement?

A.    CMOS Battery
B.    Mini-PCI Card
C.    Inverter
D.    DC Cord

Answer: C

Which of the following peripherals needs to be configured after installation to work correctly?

A.    Speakers
B.    KVM
C.    Digital camera
D.    Touch screen

Answer: D

Which of the following expansion slots is MOST commonly used for high-end video cards?

A.    PCI
B.    PCIe
C.    CNR
D.    AGP

Answer: B

Which of the following technologies can be accessed through the DisplayPort? (Select TWO).

A.    USB
B.    SATA
C.    DVI
D.    FireWire
E.    HDMI

Answer: CE

Ann, a user, calls requesting help selecting a printer connection technology. She wants to connect multiple devices to her laptop docking station using an external hub. Which of the following connection technologies would BEST meet Ann’s need for multiple devices?

A.    Parallel
B.    USB
C.    FireWire
D.    Bluetooth

Answer: B

Which of the following printer types requires calibration to ensure the nozzle is adjusted to print properly?

A.    Impact
B.    Inkjet
C.    Laser
D.    Thermal

Answer: B

A home user’s PC has an over-clocked CPU with a relatively small heat sync, small fans on the 800W power supply, and a high-end video card. Which of the following is the recommended solution that will manage heat more effectively?

A.    Replace the CPU heat sync with a high RPM fan
B.    Purchase an energy efficient power supply
C.    Not over-clocking the CPU
D.    Liquid cooling system

Answer: D

A technician is tasked with improving the speed at which a system boots and loads applications as well as improving data availability. Which of the following should the technician implement?

A.    Upgrade external storage to USB 3.0
B.    Upgrade non RAID hard drives to SSD
C.    Configure software RAID 5
D.    Install additional eSATA drives

Answer: C

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