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A technician needs to replace an internal component on a laptop. Which of the following would be an important step to perform BEFORE replacing the component?

A.    Review manufacturer’s documentation for disassembly procedures
B.    Remove all screws from the bottom of the case
C.    Remove the display and all attached wiring from the base
D.    Ensure that the battery has a full charge

Answer: A

Which of the following is MOST likely to have a physical switch on a laptop that allows it to be turned off without going into the BIOS?

A.    External display
B.    Webcam
C.    Overclocking
D.    Wireless

Answer: D

While performing maintenance on a system for a customer, the screen locks and requests a prompt for a password. Which of the following BEST represents the actions the technician should take to get the PC unlocked?

A.    Look around the area for hints at what the password might be.
B.    Find the user and have them enter their password.
C.    Use third party software to bypass the prompt.
D.    Try random passwords until it is accepted.

Answer: B

Which of the following offers the HIGHEST wireless security?

A.    WEP
B.    WPA2
C.    WPA

Answer: B

Which of the following should a technician check FIRST before upgrading the RAM in a laptop?

A.    The speed of the FSB
B.    The motherboard specifications
C.    The BIOS manufacturer
D.    The operating system version

Answer: B

After print head replacement on a printer, it needs:

A.    alignment.
B.    lubrication.
C.    cleaning.
D.    driver reinstallation.

Answer: A

Which of the following uses a single connector to deliver both video and audio?

A.    DVI
B.    Serial
C.    VGA
D.    HDMI

Answer: D

Which of the following 802.11 standards can operate at both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz?

A.    A
B.    B
C.    G
D.    N

Answer: D

QUESTION 379 is the standard subnet mask for which of the following IP classes?

A.    Class A
B.    Class B
C.    Class C
D.    Class D

Answer: B

Which of the following expansion slots uses a serial connection?

A.    PCI
B.    PCI-X
C.    PCIe
D.    AGP

Answer: C

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