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An administrator wants to prevent people outside of the building from accessing a new wireless router. Which of the following is the LEAST labor intensive method to use while setting up new workstations?

A.    Turn SSID broadcast off
B.    Use wireless encryption
C.    Institute MAC filtering
D.    Setup static IP addresses

Answer: A

A network consisting of numerous geographically dispersed networks that cover a large physical distance is referred to as a:

A.    WLAN.
B.    LAN.
C.    WAN.
D.    MAN.

Answer: C

Which of the following Internet connection types would be MOST commonly used by a customer who travels frequently?

A.    ISDN
B.    Satellite
C.    Cellular
D.    Line of site wireless

Answer: C

Which of the following has the FASTEST connection speed?

A.    Cable
B.    Dial-Up
C.    ISDN
D.    WiMAX

Answer: A

For best performance, a high-end graphics card should be installed in which of the following slots?

A.    PCIe x16
B.    AGP 4x
C.    PCI x2
D.    PCI

Answer: A

A motherboard contains four memory slots. Two of the slots are colored blue and two of the slots are colored black. Which of the following would be the correct way to populate memory in the slots for best performance?

A.    Slower memory in both blue slots and faster memory in both black slots
B.    Memory that matches in speed and size in either both blue slots and both black slots
C.    Faster memory in both blue slots and slower memory in both black slots
D.    Place memory in either both black slots or both blue slots but not both at the same time

Answer: B

Which of the following RAM types are compatible with PC2700 and maintain the same performance?

A.    PC 2400
B.    PC 3200
C.    PC2 4200
D.    PC2 5300

Answer: B

Which of the following should be the FIRST items to be removed when replacing the system board on a laptop? (Select TWO).

A.    Keyboard
B.    Battery
C.    LCD
D.    Palm rest
E.    AC power adapter

Answer: BE

A user states that when printing to a shared printer nothing happens and the user has verified that the printer is turned on. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A.    The print server does not have network connectivity.
B.    The ISP service is currently not available.
C.    The user’s print drivers are corrupted.
D.    The printer is low on toner.

Answer: A

A technician is helping set up a new networking closet and notices that the humidity level is low in the room. Which of the following should be installed FIRST before rack mounting equipment?

A.    A dehumidifier
B.    A fire suppression system
C.    ESD strap
D.    Grounding bars

Answer: D

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