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A technician has replaced a riser inside a server and the riser is failing again after reboot. Which of the following should have been used when initially replacing the riser?

A.    Compressed air
B.    Vacuum cleaner
C.    Proper cable management
D.    ESD mat

Answer: D

Which of the following video types has a DB-15 connector?

A.    S-video
B.    DVI-A
C.    DVI-D
D.    VGA

Answer: D

Which of the following connectors is MOST commonly used for UTP cable?

A.    RJ-45
B.    RJ-11
C.    LC
D.    SC

Answer: A

A user is unsatisfied with the quality of the repair that another technician has completed on their PC. Which of the following should be done to help the user?

A.    Agree with the user’s complaints
B.    Clarify the user’s statements
C.    Minimize the user’s criticism
D.    Shadow the other technician on the next repair

Answer: B

Before beginning hardware repair work on a PC, which of the following is the FIRST step?

A.    Install an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
B.    Disconnect power from the PC.
C.    Ensure all Windows updates have been installed.
D.    Degauss the monitor.

Answer: B

Which of the following connection types is MOST likely to be used to connect an internal hard drive to a computer?

A.    IDE
B.    DVI
C.    Parallel
D.    eSATA

Answer: A

Which of the following voltages is MOST likely to be supplied from a PC power supply unit? (Select TWO).

A.    1V
B.    1.7V
C.    3.3V
D.    5V
E.    9V

Answer: CD

Which of the following does a technician need to do before giving a PC, which has been confiscated for prohibited activity, to another department?

A.    Identify prohibited activity on PC
B.    Document change of custody
C.    Report prohibited activity
D.    Preserve data

Answer: B

Which of the following is the BEST example of the use of chain of custody?

A.    Technician uses a third party to hand over the PC to the proper authority.
B.    Technician remembers when and who they gave the PC to.
C.    Technician calls supervisor after PC has been transferred.
D.    Technician notes the date, time and who was given the PC.

Answer: D

Which of the following should be considered when building a standard PC?

A.    Capacity of the hard drive
B.    RAID level that will be used
C.    Requirements for applications
D.    Amount of RAM

Answer: C

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