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In a laser printer, which of the following components uses heat to apply the toner onto the page?

A.    Fuser assembly
B.    Pickup roller
C.    Transfer roller
D.    Imaging drum

Answer: A

A technician is trying to connect the high-end 5.1 surround sound audio system to their Home Theater PC. Front and rear channels produce the sound but the subwoofer and the front speaker seem to be muted. Which of the following would the technician MOST likely check to resolve the issue?

A.    The power cable of the 5.1 surround sound audio system.
B.    The subwoofer and the front channel speaker drivers are installed properly.
C.    The subwoofer and the front channel speakers are not defective.
D.    The subwoofer and the front channel speaker’s RCA cable connection to the computer’s audio card.

Answer: D

Which of the following panel types consumes the MOST power?

A.    Plasma
B.    LCD
C.    LED with no backlight
D.    LED with backlight

Answer: A

Which of the following needs to be configured on a wireless router to allow specific client machines to connect?

A.    Port forwarding
B.    WPS
C.    MAC filtering
D.    DMZ

Answer: C

A user is suspected of engaging in prohibited activity on their workstation. Which of the following should be done FIRST?

A.    Inform a supervisor or management.
B.    Disable network access for the user.
C.    Search the workstation for evidence.
D.    Call the authorities to question the user.

Answer: A

Which of the following is required in order for BitLocker to be enabled?

A.    Drive encryption
B.    Group Policy
C.    Trusted platform module
D.    Power-on Password

Answer: C

Which of the following networking standards can operate at two different channel widths on the same spectrum simultaneously?

A.    802.11a
B.    802.11b
C.    802.11g
D.    802.11n

Answer: D

Which of the following describes the process laser printers use to secure toner to paper?

A.    Bonding
B.    Transferring
C.    Duplexing
D.    Fusing

Answer: D

Which of the following will provide the FASTEST boot times for a laptop user?

A.    Solid state drive
B.    High capacity battery
C.    eSATA hard drive
D.    Increased RAM

Answer: A

Which of the following media has a capacity of 8.6 GB?

A.    CD
B.    DL DVD
C.    DL Blu-ray
D.    DVD

Answer: B

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